Data Managment and BI/Analytics

In an era, where huge amount of data getting generated on a day to day basis on three aspects viz, real time (Velocity), volume (MB, GB, TB, PB) and variety like text, photo, video and audio. Analyzing, structuring and storing such huge amount of data has become essential for organizations to generate insights and optimize user base.

Big Data impacts IT budgets in the following 2 ways:

  • Necessity to accommodate the ever-growing data aggressively (Including processing, storage and analysis)
  • Developing a cost-effective pricing model as against those imposed by vendors of IT.

Though Big data looks scary, its creating lot of opportunities for business. To take advantage, organizations need strategy and technology to support the same.

Having right capability to mine this data / analyse, is the key to get insights and arrive at better decisions to create value.

We support organizations develop strategy to manage as well as analyse big data, with effective support for business decisions.